2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors
2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors
2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors
2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors
2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors

2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors

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2016-2023 Can-Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10 Half Doors - 2 Door

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• Reinforced frame with multi-bend Aluminum skin 
• Semi assembled for easy installation 
• Perfect fit and finish, no cutting, welding, or drilling required 
• Ergonomic height and rubberized upper tube (half doors) for comfortable ride 
• Powder coated black 
• Slam style automotive latch with built in locking mechanism 
• Door opening limiter to stop your door just flying open 
• Comes with all fitting hardware and fitting instruction


Fitting a set of Rival Powersports Half Doors to your Can Am Defender will be the best thing you ever do. Designed for maximum protection for the driver, while hitting the trails in both comfort and style. Made with a tubular frame and lightweight Aluminum skin that has multiple bends for added strength. It follows the lines of your UTV which adds up to the strongest and best-looking door on the market. When we designed, we did so with 3 things in mind - rider benefit, comfort and fitment. You will benefit from some of the best protection on the market. Rider comfort latches are high and out of the way, the door even includes an industry first - a comfort pillow for your elbow for maximum comfort when you hit those bumps. A door opening limiter to stop your door from opening too far and hitting the side of your ride damaging your bike and possibly your door.


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Customer Reviews

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Stephen L

Fits great and zero rattle. Easy to install and very good customer service. I called in with a question and was helped right away. Thanks again.

Half Doors

Shipped next day and arrived quick. Happy with them!